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Alice T. Day and Lincoln H. Day.   The Days met at Columbia University as graduate students in sociology. Their earliest joint project was a book (Too Many Americans, 1964) about how continued population increase can adversely affect the quality of life not only in less developed countries but also in more developed countries. The Days have traveled extensively in the U. S., Australia, Europe, and Turkey, and less extensively in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. They lived in Australia for 23 years and have dual American/Australian citizenship. The Days have a son and a daughter and three grandchildren.

Alice and Lincoln Day first teamed up with VideoTakes, Inc. and the American University Center for Environmental Filmmaking to produce a five-minute trailer of “Scarred Lands and Wounded Lives,” which was screened at the 2006 DC Environmental Film Festival. Upon completion of this trailer, the Days formed a tax-exempt non-profit entity, the Fund for Sustainable Tomorrows, for the purpose of producing the entire film.

Throughout 2006 and 2007, the Days and their VideoTakes production team worked continuously to bring the feature-length version of “Scarred Lands” to the screen. Their production schedule took the Days to Australia, California, Vermont, Maryland, the District of Columbia and Virginia to conduct interviews and location shooting. The feature-length version of “Scarred Lands and Wounded Lives” premiered at the 2008 DC Environmental Film Festival.

Alice and Lincoln Day are currently busy promoting and distributing the film.

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